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The future of braces is here at AlignoHub. Why get pain and ugly braces when you have invisible aligners at Aligno Hub? Aligno Hub provides transparent aligners to make your smile beautiful and aligned. So smile to the world all you can because now you have the perfect solution for all your problems.

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Aligno Hub has been fixing smiles since 2020. With experience and quality products, we provide the next invisible dental aligners in the USA.

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How Much Does Invisible Aligners Cost?

Aligno Hub’s invisible dental aligners can fix teeth and straighten them quicker than any other braces. The prices can vary, and it is best to contact us and get proper consultation. Aligno Hub allows other payment options like:

  • Monthly Installments 
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Paying with Pre-tax money

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“The idea of getting braces was always scary for me, but since I learned about Aligno Hub and the invisible aligners, I was over the moon. This thing really worked, and the gap between my teeth is no more.”


“Aligno Hub aligners are great and stain-free. They were very comfortable, and nobody could say I was wearing them.


“The aligners were comfortable even at night. That is amazing, and I can see the visible changes. Thank you, guys.”

    Fast Scanning Experience With The Most Simple System

    Intraoral Scanner INO100


    • Integrated 3D intraoral camera — get more out of one scan
    • 20% less waiting time for scan to process
    • Detailed visualization
    • Improved viewing angles—engineered for more treatment plan acceptance
    • Future ready unit for simplified upgrade path—to support you and your ever-expanding quality of care

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