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Creating Beautiful Smiles since 2021.

Aligno Hub was founded in 2021 in the Pakistan. We have created invisible dental aligners for our customers by following all the international health standards and using latest German technology. The invisible dental aligners have been helping many people. 

The pain-free and effective method is now commonly used and is suggested by dentists. We make sure to satisfy the needs of every consumer and make customized aligners for them. 

Aligno Hub has a team of experts working on creating something unique for some fantastic smiles. Our dentists and experts are constantly working on new ideas and creating what is best for our customers. 

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How does Aligner Work?

Contact Aligno Provider

Contact Aligno Hub to get the consultation services from the experts.

Get Some Impressions/Scanning

Experts can take 3D scans of your teeth to recommend suitable invisible aligners

3D-Setup of Treatment

The doctors will then send the 3D images to make perfect and comfortable aligners for you.

Receive Your Aligners

Once the aligners are received, the process is very simple.

Over Bite

Think of these sticks as your teeth. You wear your first aligner and it moves your teeth a bit.

Cross Bite

Then you wear your next aligner and it moves them a little more.

You keep on wearing your aligners in sequence under the supervision of your dentist and you will get a perfect smile.


Aligno Hub Clear Aligners are customized for each individual. The invisible aligners are comfortable to wear and are almost invisible. Aligno Hub Invisible aligners are available around the USA and can be made any time. 

Invisible aligners are customized and can be made on order. It is expected that one set of aligners can go for 2-3 weeks, and then you need a new set of invisible retainers to straighten your teeth.

Our invisible aligners are:


Comfortable to wear at night

Maintain the position of your teeth

Maintain the position of your teeth

Reduce the spacing between teeth

Custom-fit for your smile

Custom-fit for your smile