Frequently Asked Questions

Can we wear Aligno Hub Invisible Aligners at night only?

Yes, you can wear them at night or any time of the day. We recommend wearing aligners at night because they will speed up the process. Also, the aligners are very comfortable to wear, so there won’t be any problem wearing them.

How do invisible aligners straighten teeth?

Clear aligners straighten your teeth gradually. Each aligner tray is custom-made for you, guaranteeing that your teeth are somewhat straighter than those that came before it. Trays can be replaced every two weeks until your smile is at its best. Fixing your smile can take up to a year in most circumstances.

Do I need multiple aligners to straighten my teeth?

Yes, one aligner can not straighten your teeth, and you need to change invisible aligners every 2-3 weeks.

Is there a minimum age required?

Aligners are suggested to be used by people above 12.

Can aligners help with spacing between teeth?

Yes, aligners are great at fixing spaces between teeth.

Can you eat with invisible aligners?

No, aligners are not designed to be used while eating.

Are aligners painful?

Aligners are slightly uncomfortable at first, but they do not hurt.

Are there any other questions?